What another stop?



About spike

i am a sealyham terrier who traveled all the way from new zealand to hong kong to be with my human.
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2 Responses to What another stop?

  1. Chester Ong says:

    Hi saw your blog I have an adopted male Sealyham and I am looking for a female pup. Can you recommend a breeder? Thanks. Bye we live in ap lei Chau. Contact me if you wished to meet my Sealyham and Aussie bulldog

    • spike says:

      hello! great to learnt that there is another sealyham in hong kong! so far i only know there are 9 around, so yours will make 10. what is his name? would love to meet up sometime. i dont really “know” any breeders except the one whom i got spike from. the other ones i got to know through fb. r u on fb?

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