i am a sealyham terrier who travelled across oceans and mountains to be with my human. now settled in the sun blasting hong kong enjoying the occasional char shiu.

to see more movie about me, please go to

my human wants to promote about my breed, so here are some info:
sealyham terrier (sealy) is a rare british breed of small white terrier that originated in wales as a working dog.

The American Sealyham Terrier Club
Midland Sealyham Terrier Club
Scandinavian Sealyham Terrier Society

if you are planning to get a sealy, please get one from a reputable breeder or adopt one from the rescue.  please dont buy one from the pet shop.

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  1. chester ong says:

    my sealyham is markymark, he is 9 years old and he lives with his best friend nell nell an aussie bulldog, we live in ap lei chau both my dogs are distinctive in ap lei chau as they both sport the same distinctive eye patch and were photographed for tv commercials we would love to meet your spike one of these days. i am looking for another sealyham as my mark was adopted by me and i have been looking for another one for the longest time can you recommend a breeded>? call me at 91717467 my name is a, chester ong

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